Everyone loves Peter Dunham. He is a charming Brit waging a guerilla war with the old showroom system. A few years ago he opened his new showroom on La Cienega. Peter has a great point of view with fabrics since he is an interior designer as well as a designer of his own line of fabrics. What Peter does, quite cleverly I might add, is he lets each fabric company do a massive make over of his main salon for the launching of their new line.

The first time I drove by the showroom I saw our logo painted all over the windows and thought “who the heck is using our logo again?”. Turns out it was Peter who very graciously painted us on his windows and awning!

I met Peter’s crack crew including Joel and Jason…..

For the make over of the room, Peter called me and said “John, we need something spectacular. It will cost you 60 yards of fabrics to cover the salon walls”! I, being a thrifty fellow, decided to make a massive patched panel wall. All of us fabric people know there are always odd and ends around the studio. I was completely unsure of how it would look, but since my prints fall in the same tones I  prayed and made some offerings for success.

Recently I started selling bedding through Peters showroom so, of course, Peter contributed one of his sleek canopy beds that he designs (this one made from old oars he found at Brimfield) Peter decked out the bed, and the room really came into its own.


On the other front room Peter hung our new wings with the bedding. They looked smashing. In the front hallway we set out the block prints I make when I am at the studio in India waiting for things to happen. They are one of a kind pieces and make a fun group.




I have to throw in Mike, our faithful and relentless sales rep who has been a massive help in explaining our eccentric bedding lines to confused stores! Thanks Mike.


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