As if by magic, our quilts barely float over you, but still keep you warm throughout the night. Cotton fill makes them softer with each wash; they remain true companions for many years.

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How It's Made

John Robshaw has persisted through the years finding the most skilled artisans to work with to maintain his commitment to producing unique and hand crafted creations. His sharp eye for beauty and originality helped John come upon just the right block carvers, dye masters, printers as well as quilters, weavers and seamstresses to bring his designs to life.

Holi in the Streets

Holi is the Hindu festival of colors signifying the arrival offspring and can be a wonderful time to be in India if you can get to the right party! This past Holi we were lucky enough to tag along to City Palace for the upscale version of the festival.

06.28.2018 /


  The Tree of Life It was fun to re-visit the city where my career first began. Twenty years ago, I attended the National Institute of Design in Ahmedabad, India. I met three lovely students, remarkably cool in the March...

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