Sananda Bed Collection

Delicate fronds in graceful graphite curves lead the eye from top to bottom, as in a monk’s sand mandala. But do not worry—this print will not blow away in the wind!

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The John Robshaw fabric line is hand block printed in India by skilled artisans, using traditional printing methods. The fabrics are stretched out on long tables and printed using hand-carved wooden blocks. Due to the process of printing by hand, pattern repeats are approximate and variations in color may occur. We consider this part of the inherent beauty of the traditional craftsmanship and the resulting product.


Our Process

John Robshaw has persisted through the years finding the most skilled artisans to work with to maintain his commitment to producing unique and hand crafted creations. His sharp eye for beauty and originality helped John come upon just the right block carvers, dye masters, printers as well as quilters, weavers and seamstresses to bring his designs to life.

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06.10.2019 /

Indagare Interview

“If you’re into authentic tradition, there’s nowhere better than Uzbekistan.” ~ John Robshaw   In September, John Robshaw will host Indagare's very first Insider Journey to Uzbekistan, opening doors to private homes and artisan workshops for an immersive look at the country’s...

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06.10.2019 /
Indagare Interview
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