John's Connecticut Home

If you are reading this blog, you most likely know that I am a pattern and color junkie....


Meet Dasati

There are some designs that just keep finding themselves in my collections, season after season, year after year....


Coloring Pages

We hope you enjoy these coloring pages as much as we enjoyed making them. Don't forget to tag...


Designer Spotlight: An Interview with David Mann

I am a big fan of David Mann and Fritz Karch of MR Architecture + Decor. Many years...


Designer Spotlight: An Interview with Michael Trapp

Michael Trapp is a well-known interior & garden designer, a dealer in antiques & architectural fragments, and owner of...


John Robshaw Zoom Backgrounds

Want to Zoom from John Robshaw's living room in Connecticut, his workshop office in New York, or just...


Designer Spotlight: An Interview with India Hicks

What inspires you the most? History, heritage, archives filled with changing expressions, bloody brilliant women, blue skies and...

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